Asia's top contemporary art fair in Taiwan.

Since its establishment in 2015, ART FORMOSA has maintained its refinedness and contemporariness, collaborating with notable art foundations to present renowned galleries and eminent artists worldwide. As a leading hotel art fair, ART FORMOSA has also incorporated different industries including architecture, design and fashion to fulfill its notion of aesthetic living.

ART FORMOSA is the first art fair that features solo-artist exhibitions in Asia. The first two editions were held at Humble House Taipei. In 2016, it won great acclaim for being the first dual-venue art fair in Taiwan. In 2017, ART FORMOSA cooperated with eslite, the enterprise known for its cultural value in Asia, for further development in Taiwanese art market. 2021 ART FORMOSA will be held at eslite hotel from 13th to 15th in August this year. With comprehensive curating strategies and creative ideas of the artists, it is expected to gather outstanding galleries and reach a milestone for Taiwanese art industry and Asian art world this summer.