JULY 13 - JULY 15,2018

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

eslite hotel


eslite hotel

eslite hotel is the fist to offer a harmony of love for reading, music & art, and creative. entertainment within the lush setting of a park that exudes the unique culture of Taiwan. where you experience the timeless joy of life and touching moments of history, where you discover world-class talent in the service industry, the door that leads to other worlds linked to the courteous people of Taiwan. At the Songshang Culture & Creative Park, the refreshing sound of a fountain greets the early morning sun, rest under the shade of a tree beside a lotus pond, marvel at historical relics amid an ecological oasis, closely observe the creative of traditional and industrial arts, discover other worlds through books, quench your thirst for knowledge, music, film and performrmaces bring gladness to our souls, we taste the sweetness of a wonderful life.



ArtEmperor Technology & Culture Co. Ltd was founded in 2009, in Taipei, Taiwan. Our website artemperor.tw is the leading web portal for art-related resources on museum, galleries, fairs, and auctions in Taiwan.

We are dedicated to establishing an integrated media platform which, through the utilization of technological innovations, expands the societal interactions with art and promotes the value of cultural productions.

TODAAY is platform designed for young or up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent, retail original artworks online, and developing art e-commerce merchandises.

ArtEmperor Auction organizes four auctions annually, one in each season, stimulating the economy of the art market.



[About Warehouse TERRADA]

Since the foundation in 1950, Warehouse TERRADA has been cultivating better storage techniques and making proactive action on the capital investment in order to store and preserve items under the best environment. Expanding our business beyond the traditional warehousing, we are currently pursuing the preservation and restoration technique to raise the value of stored items and pass it on to the next generations. We are also developing a business to create a hub to output the new culture by making a full use of our knowledge as a professional in space creation.


AHAF 2017

Asia Hotel Art Fair provides a new concept of an art fair which is especially curated for exhibitions within the hotel room setting, instead of the traditional gallery or white cube space format. The exhibitions, which utilize beds, windows, and bathtubs of five-star hotel rooms, are one of a kind. This new concept of displaying artworks evokes a homely environment for guests to imagine a variety of artworks in their respective homes.


eslite spectrum

celebrating the diversity of life

A cultural and creative platform, eslite spectrum is a venture that fits in with eslite Group’s self-concept of being  “a chain, not a carbon copy” In its sustainable and human-centered model, eslite spectrum offers cultural services and spaces to consumers through unique products and cultural and creative events that make life more beautiful. eslite’s 45 stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong offer comfortable cultural spaces for city residents to explore and enjoy.



7/12 VIP Preview, 7/13-7/15,2018

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