JULY 13 - JULY 15,2018

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

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ART FORMOSA Art Forum  –  Exploring Asia Series I

Venue | elite hotel 16F

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ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Date: 2018/7/13


Speaker: Bao Yi Feng | Founder of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Moderator: Betty LAI | Chief Executive of ART FORMOSA


Bao Yi Feng |

Bao Yi Feng was born in Shanghai, China. Bao is one of the leading public relations expert for fashion and luxury brand, and is now the president of Activation Liquid, and the co-founder of ART021 in Shanghai. Bao has been active in contemporary art field as a young collector also the host for a well-known art fair. Based on his precise taste of art collection and close connection with the fashion industry, ART021 has become a representative art event in Shanghai with its exquisite and high-notch features. In 2018 May, Bao also hold the first edition of JingArt, a contemporary art fair in Beijing.




II. Challenge in Art Collection

Date: 2018/7/13


Speaker: Dr. Wiyu Wahono | Art Collector, Indonesia

Moderator: Sam Tseng | Independent Curator, Taiwan


Dr. Wiyu Wahono |

Dr. Wiyu Wahono was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr. Wahono got his PhD in Plastic technology from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. After lecturing at his alma mater, Dr. Wahono returned to Indonesia to establish his own company. He is a member of the Art Stage Jakarta Board of Young Collectors, member of Singapore Art Fair Honorary Board of Patrons and member of the jury for the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards. Being active in art fairs and art events, he has been invited in several art talks. His collection strategies are founded on serious research into contemporary art, and he also keeps close attention to art market in Asia Pacific region.




III.Art Fair Philippines and Development of Philippines Contemporary Art

Date: 2018/7/14


Speaker: Trickie C. LOPA | Founder of Art Fair Philippines

Moderator: Nunu Hung | Director of NUNU FINE ART


Art Fair Philippines |

Founded in 2013, Art Fair Philippines is the premier platform for exhibiting and selling the best in modern and contemporary Philippine visual art. The fair aims to mirror the vibrant local art scene and continue to generate support for Filipino art practitioners. This year, ART FAIR PHILIPPINES was held in Makati, the financial center in Philippines, and has gathered over 50 participating galleries. ART FAIR PHILIPPINES 2018 has attracted the collectors’ attention with its well-designed photography exhibition, showing the great potential of art collection in Southeast Asia.




IV.My Collecting Experience : My Opinion of Art and One Piece Club

Date: 2018/7/14


Speaker: Ishinabe Hiroko | Founder of One Piece Club

Moderator: Betty LAI | Chief Executive of ART FORMOSA


Ishinabe Hiroko

Ishinabe Hiroko was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 2007, Ishinabe founded One Piece Club due to her passion for art. One Piece club gathered collectors in Japan, and members have made an agreement to purchase at least one piece of artworks every year. One Piece Club also hold public exhibition for collection from the members every year. The club has established multiple branches in Japan, and has owned over 150 members until now. ISHINABE also stands for Selector of Hiroko Ishinabe Prize in 3331 ART FAIR, and she has been invited in several art talks.




ART FORMOSA 福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會

7/12 VIP Preview, 7/13-7/15,2018

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