–The Development of video art escalates a vibrant trend in Asia –


  Taipei is the biggest art market in Taiwan. It has a mature culture for International galleries and artists to cultivate the market of video art. Taipei, as a hub of global significance, is the best platform to present video art and the representative gallery to Asian and international audience.
The works we dedicated to present from reputational galleries from Taiwan , southeast Asia, Korea and Japan will demonstrate a dynamic force to expand the fields of video art and aspects of art collection.

  Continuing the theme curation of the Hong Kong Expo, video workshops, and art forums, the combination of agitation attracts more art lovers and collectors. Among them, it has attracted much attention as one of the focus art activities of "FLAME TP". The art exhibition company invited Mr. Luo Helin, a well-known Taiwanese curator. The curator also combined his many years of video planning experience in Taiwan, and invited important Taiwanese The works collected by collectors are in the classic collection area of ​​the special exhibition, which will promote Taiwanese video artists to the whole of Asia.

An image is a record of temporality-spatiality, context, memory or fantasy which intertwines real and fictional elements. Nowadays, while image has penetrated every corner and became part of human lives in the Information Age, video art with the nature of our era is a medium unique with contemporaneity. As since ancient times human beings are obsessed with light from fire, image betokens a new flame that attracts human eyes and motivates us to search for knowledge and truth. “FLAME TP,” a video art fair, reconsiders the value of image of our time and excavates again the expansive field of global video art. Each video incorporates a light of flame that invokes search of a desirable answer. Hong Kong, a center connecting Asia, Europe and America, enables more possibilities of video art.